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Orang Orang Drum Theatre

The Chinese word for “community” (众) is formed with three of the Chinese characters for “people” (人). The notion of "community" is closely tied in with the founding principle of Orang Orang Drum Theatre (OODT)—that art belongs to the people and lives among the people. Through exploring drum theatre of various combinations (of drums, vocals, physical expression, and other theatrical elements), they set out to search for a way to bridge between performing arts and the people it serves.  

In 2014, ‘Hidup Ini Senget’ by OODT was nominated in four categories at the 12th BOH Cameronian Arts Awards. It won the ‘Best Music and Sound Design’ and the ‘Best Group Performance’. 
This year, their performance of ‘beat now’, ‘bersama-sama’ and ‘we sing we play we feel in the chaotic city’ won them the champion seat in the "Port Dickson Beach Drums and Percussion Challenge 2017”. 

In 2017, they released album, ‘LaguKu’ combines drum music with ensemble singing, in an attempt to uncover the deep-rooted power of "drum" and "song".
Starting with the first piece ‘we sing we play we feel in the chaotic city’, OODT never ceased to seek out the meaning of playing drums. Through combining various materials, musical instruments, and voices, they searched for a harmonized sound.

The dynamic power of drums and the simple charm of songs is what gave rise to the creative impulse behind Orang Orang Drum Theatre.

International Festival:
2014        Arts Island Festival, Indonesia
2015        Two international festivals in Europe: Venice Open Stage 2015 
and Danse en Ville at Belgium and Germany. 
2016        Setouchi Triennale, Asia Performing Art Market in Japan
2017        Ansan Street Arts Festival, Korea

International Folklore Dance and Music Festival, organized by CIOFF to tour their performance to France from 7th July to 22nd August

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