In Transit-ion:

A Poetic MRT Journey

Headphones on,
we join the crowd, and create poetry as we move.
Come and experience our MRT audio-visual tour.

Hidden in the crowd,
following an audio guide,
our bodies are completely immersed.
In a public space, we invite you to take a breath of freedom, to experience deep intimate connections, at a meter's distance.

Date and time (Saturdays only):
20 March 5.15pm
27 March 5.15pm 
10 April 5.15pm
24 April 5.15pm [Interchange]

Admission: Free of charge by registration. (Limited to 25 pax, First Come First Served)
Registration Form: www.bit.ly/intransitionregistration
Enquiries: +011-1283 1668

Video Link: https://www.facebook.com/watch/551408874940385/5306212019449788

Produced by: Orang Orang Drum Theatre
Supported by: Program Penjana Malaysia, MyCreative Ventures and Cultural Economy Development Agency (CENDANA)
Venue Partner: MRT Corp (Mass Rapid Transit Corporation Sdn. Bhd.)